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Apple TartsApple Tarts
Large or small and filled with succulent apple pieces
Birthday CakesBirthday Cakes
We do a range of simple birthday or celebration cakes, either in round or square shape. These we can top with ordinary icing or cover with white fondant and write the message of your choice on top. 7” or 9” round and squares from 7” to 12” . Please phone for more information
Caramel TartsCaramel Tarts
Pastry shell filled with caramelized condensed milk and sealed with chocolate
Made from the whites, separated by hand, of fresh eggs and piped onto trays and slow cooked through the night
Mince PiesMince Pies
Mainly seasonal and filled with sweet mincemeat which we flavour with real brandy, but also due to demand made all year round, for those of you who think they are too good just for Christmas
Rhubarb TartsRhubarb Tarts
Large or small and filled with rhubarb

Irvings Bakery also produces biscuits in twin packs for the Hotel and Restaurant trade.